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Are you interested in leveraging the power of app or web-based game play to communicate your message? Games offer an engaging way to connect with your audience and deliver learning. We can convert existing lessons and curriculum into game-ready content.

We believe that narrative is a powerful tool to create authentic learning. Why waste your development dollars on games which are little more than frosting for your web's static content? The learning professionals at Pandaia can convert your existing content into data tailored to the architecture of the game.

All games are not created equal. Most game designers are not educators. We can work with your game designer to incorporate sound learning theory into the structure of your games. Don't have a game designer yet? We can help you hire one.

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Who we are

Pandaia Projects is a home-based educational consultancy service in Toledo, Ohio. The principles are myself, Paula, and my husband, Dave. I provide broad experience in curriculum design with an emphasis on STEM education and standard-based online content. Dave provides technical expertise for database, application, and web design. In the past seven years we have collaborated on numerous large projects, including:

I have a BS in Education with endorsements in Middle School Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, and Mathematics. My Masters is in curriculum design of science subjects. Dave has a BS in software engineering and an MBA.

A bit of history

Pandaia Projects is the name that we call ourselves whenever we work together on projects. The name arose when we found that we often work on big projects that at first were conceived to be much smaller. Typically, in the messy-middle part of a project we'd console outselves with the words: "Paula-and-Dave-at-it-again" This little lament was eventually shortened to “P and D-A-I-A”… or Pandaia. After I moved from the classroom into university grant positions, Dave and I collaborated developing databases, writing science curriculum, creating STEM activities, and analyzing data for several projects.

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